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Because when you can say anything you want,

say something POSITIVE

About Us

Z Inspires Designs and Apparel is the manifestation of this mother-daughter team's desire to spread positivity everyday. After searching for t-shirt designs that promoted sickle cell awareness we thought "why not create our own brand and our own products?"

What started as an effort to raise awareness for one cause became the stepping stone for a platform to spread love, humor and dedication to the things that mean the most to us.

When thinking of a name it made since that our business is a reflection of Zahara . She is an 11-year-old with sickle cell disease. Her ability to manage life with sickle cell and remain positive is nothing less than extraordinary. As her mother, I have marveled everyday at how she can be so loving, empathetic and resilient. She inspires me to be a better person. Likewise, people have often told her that when life gets hard they think of her and are inspired to keep going.

And so we have Z INSPIRES!

At Z Inspires you will find products that raise awareness to a variety of issues and interests.

We hope that you are inspired by our products and that you will keep our mission alive by being a walking billboard of inspiration for those you come in contact with.

Warrior Collection

An estimated 300,000 babies are born with Sickle Cell Disease each year yet sickle cells receives far less funding for research than most diseases that effect significantly less people. As a sickle cell warrior family we have committed to advocating and educating others on the impact of this disease. When you purchase a shirt from the Warrior collection 10% of your purchase will be donated to the sickle cell community.

Culture Collection

Shop our Culture Collection to find designs that celebrate African-American culture and pride.

Our Favorite Things Collections

Our Favorite Things includes designs that represent a few of our family's favorite things such as gardening, earth preservation, Vegan eating and more.

Inspire. Encourge. Motivate.


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